Learn and Serve America (LSA)

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Learn and Serve America

Learn and Serve America (LSA) was a United States government program that was designed to engage students in community service and civic engagement. The program began in 1990 and was part of the National and Community Service Act of 1990. The purpose of LSA was to encourage students to become more involved in their communities through service-learning, or a form of experiential learning where students provide volunteer service in order to develop skills, knowledge, and a sense of civic responsibility.

LSA provided grants to schools, non-profit organizations, and other educational institutions to create programs that would engage students in community service. These programs were designed to serve local needs and address issues such as poverty, health care, education, housing, and environmental protection. The programs also allowed students to gain valuable experience in leadership, problem solving, and communication.


Learn and Serve America (LSA) was a United States government program that provided opportunities for students to get involved in service learning projects. Through this program, students had the opportunity to gain valuable experience while helping their local communities.

The mission of Learn and Serve America was to create an educational environment in which students could actively participate in service learning projects. Students were exposed to real-world problems, and they were given the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the community.

The program made it possible for students not only to gain valuable experience, but also to develop valuable skills such as problem-solving and communication. Furthermore, the program gave students the opportunity to develop their sense of civic responsibility. By participating in service learning projects, students gained an understanding of their roles as citizens and how they can make a difference in their communities.

In addition, the program also provided funding for service learning projects, which allowed schools and organizations to provide resources and materials to engage students in service learning activities. This was especially beneficial for schools with limited resources, as it gave them access to new experiences and activities.

Ultimately, Learn and Serve America was a successful program and it had a positive impact on students nationwide. Through this program, students were able to gain valuable experience, develop important skills, and learn about their civic responsibilities. It's safe to say that this program was a great success and it helped to shape the lives of many students.

End of LSA operation

LSA was created in 1990 to help promote service-learning and civic engagement. The program funded educational initiatives such as volunteer activities and service-learning projects for students of all ages. Through LSA, students had the opportunity to participate in projects that both benefited their communities and taught them valuable skills.

The program ended in 2011 due to budget cuts by Congress. The elimination of LSA's budget in 2011 had a far-reaching impact on the many communities that had benefited from the program. Without the funding, schools and other organizations were no longer able to support service-learning projects or provide financial aid to students who wanted to participate in them. This meant that students were no longer able to have the same impact on their communities as they had in the past.

It is important to recognize the value of programs like LSA and their impact on our society. Service-learning can provide students with valuable skills and knowledge, while also helping to build stronger, more vibrant communities. It is for this reason that the elimination of the LSA's budget was such a disappointment for many.

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