American-made Film Competition

American-made Film Competition

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The American Film Competition is your chance to see how you stack up against the best in America. Contribute to the biggest film competition in America and show off your skills. The contest is now open for submissions, so register your film today and start creating! Register your film today and start creating!

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The prize is not all that matters. For us, what`s more important is that you develop your skills and grow as an artist. You will get an opportunity to showcase your talent on our stage. America`s Most Powerful Contest is a three-part contest that invites the best and brightest filmmakers to submit their original film concepts. The contest is open to any filmmaker who has never won a major award or received substantial recognition for their work.

Next Level of filmmaking

This contest is your chance to get your film in front of hundreds of industry leaders, up-and-coming talent, and current students. With prizes awarded in 15 different categories, there`s no reason not to submit your film today!

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